Thursday, November 17, 2016

Passport Needed

Pam’s passport was outdated and I’ve never gotten one. So we both had to get our passports in time for our trip.
We both couldn’t find our birth certificates so took steps to get copies. I contacted my home town and requested a form that would get me a copy of my birth certificate. After getting the certificate I drug my feet. I finally got the form notarized but then again let it sit on my desk. After awhile I finally mailed the form with a twenty dollar bill. A few days later I received a call from the courthouse of my birth town. By the time they received the form the person who notarized my form license had expired. Therefore, I had to get another form and have it notarized by someone else. Then mailed the new form. It took a few extra weeks but I finally got the birth certificate.
But like the required form, I let my birth certificate site around. I found out that I had to schedule a meeting with the Post Office and take a special photo that needed to be taken by Walgreens (there were few other places I could of went as well). 
Pam took care of her request with the Post Office quickly. She came home and said it was a little challenging because the lady she meant didn’t appear to be very nice. Once the Post Office process the paperwork it had to be sent off to the federal government for final approval. According to the Post Office this could take 60 to 90 days. It took over 30 days for hers to arrive.
Well again, I put off setting up the meeting with the Post Office. I finally setup the appointment the first of November.  Yes, I know that was cutting it close. If it took more then 60 days I would not be able to go. I went to Walgreens took the photo and the following day went to the Post Office only to discover the lady at the Post Office was.a mother of a former student. She was great to deal with and after a short while the paperwork was done. Now I just had to wait.
To my surprised my passport arrived just in couple weeks. So now, I'm ready for the journey. 

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