Thursday, December 29, 2016

Day 11 - Relax and Recovery Day

     Writing the blogs have been a time challenge. Often I'm writing between events and uploading photos have been a slow process. The bandwidth often has been slow so I've avoided uploading videos. But last night I took the time and upload most of my videos into a Google Drive folder that I've shared with the public. If you CLICK HERE you will have access to short videos from the Miniature Museum, Vatican, various locations in Rome and few video clips of life on the road in Germany. 
     I was able to complete the video uploads during the evening at Sara's and Aaron's home. Their Internet is slow at times when others in the village get on even slower. So late night works best. They explored getting cable to their home when they first moved it, but learned that it would require ripping up the street in front of their house. That's why we've watched a number of DVD's because they have a life without t.v.
    After watching couple of movies Pam and Sara headed out to mail a gift back to the states. Aaron is still in his pj's. now watching more Friends on DVD's. I spent a little time grading history finals, then headed out for a short walk around the village. Again, there are a lot of hills. As I walked I ran into a family of four out for a walk and a elderly lady. I took a few photos on the walk so I thought I would share. Sara and Aaron's hone is near the church.


     After returning from my walk I did a little work on my World Geography class instead of grading more finals. Shortly after my walk, Sara and Pam returned from the PX.  Pam continued her reign of making someone mad (terror). This time it was the cashier at the PX. Only people in the military or spouses can actual purchase items in the PX. The first night of our arrival we went to the PX and gave Aaron money to purchase our items. But according to today's story Pam forgot and walked up and presented her cash for purchase. The cashier became a little upset. He gave both Pam and Sara a short lecture about the rules and the fact he could get fired by accepting money from Pam. So what can I say folks, she's all mine.
     Aaron and I helped unload the car. Pam (Grandma in this case) had purchased a bone for their new dog. We then settled in for an afternoon of relaxing and playing a few games. First Farkel, Big Bang Uno and a card game called Golf. Sara and Aaron each won one game of Farkel. Big Bang Uno went to your's truly winning 2 out of 3 and Sara is narrowly being yours truly in Golf. She claimed she needed to walk the dog since I was closing in on her. So both Sara and Pam took the dog for a walk while Aaron started preparing dinner. Aaron calls it "mystery meat". My understanding that Sara and Aaron had a little tradition. Once a week they pick a meat that looks interesting but due to it labeled in German their never sure what it is. We will see how our experience goes this evening. 
     One more full day in Germany then off to the airport on Saturday.  

     The mystery meat was a pork chop or something in the same ballpark. Aaron used the grill for the pork, cut up potatoes and mushrooms. After dinner we continued to play few games of cards and finished watching t.v. and drinking a German beer. 

What I've learned in Germany
  • I've noticed that light switches are lower and OUTSIDE the room you walk into. Speaking with Aaron and he says that's pretty normal here in Germany.
  • There are a number of military bases in the area where Sara and Aaron live. Each base has some form of special job. Only two of them allow soldiers to walk around in uniform so the public can see them. Off post soldiers can only walk to and from their car in uniform. 

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  1. So I have decided that you and Pam really need to return to Germany before Sara and Aaron return back to the states! You are not far from Trier, which is the oldest Roman ruins in Germany and one of my very favorite places in Germany. Heidleberg, I can not explain the beauty and amazing history of this city, but I know you would love it.
    Wurzburg. It was completely destroyed during WWII, but was rebuilt and you'd never know it was destroyed. The city of Coberg, go to the Veste (castle) which is where Martin Luther hid out! It's beautiful and the tour is fascinating!
    My number one must see in Germany: Bamberg. It's compared to Rome, being built on hills and also Venice, they call the river area Little Venice. It's the only city in Germany that was not damaged by WWII.
    We were blessed to be stationed in Bamberg for 7 1/2 years and just loved it.
    Oh another favorite place in Germany was the Black Forest area, Triberg.
    We loved the Ramstein/K-town area. We were stationed up in Baumholder our first time stationed in Germany. The whole country of Germany is so beautiful.
    Pam already knows, but I miss is so much it physically hurts. I am so glad you were able to get a taste of Germany and Italy.