Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Day 9 - Wrap Up Italy - Germany here we come again

Aaron took this photo the other day
Waiting for our ride to the Airport thought I would provide a wrap up from Italy. If you recall part of the reason I'm doing this is for my World Geography class. I wanted them to see how different other places in the world can be. The various blogs have already shown a few differences here in Roma. So let me share a few photos with captions to with a few more. 
Your looking at the outlet both in Germany and Italy. When you travel need to bring an adaptor.
Your looking at the hair dryer plug that fits in the outlet above

Buildings have remnants of the old. Here is old wood showing in a bathroom.
Bathroom actual has steps and a curl ceiling. Also notice how narrow the room is.

You can see the steps down and terrarium in the background
Yes your counting correctly. The white bars above provide heat - I think a towel dryer 
There's the map for our bus route. It's also shows the various MANY streets we walked the past few days.
Other items:
  • There are no closets in most homes. The reason for this is the government taxes you for each room of the house. Use Wardrobes instead.
  • Sinks tend to be smaller and rarely are there two sinks in a kitchen.
  • Almost every showers have a detachable shower head.
  • You can put salt in your dishwasher to help the dishes dry.
  • Now some stores back in America do this but here most always charge for bags to carry out your items.
  • Parking is a premium much like in New York City. Few parking garages so finding a parking spot is a challenge. From what I'm told this is the case in most cities in both Germany and Italy.
  • Most folks know about the difference in measurement but it takes some getting use to when your fingering how far you have to walk and what the temperature is outside.
We have received permission to check-out at 11:00 when our ride is here. The cost from the apartment to the hotel is 65,00 Euro's. I'm sure it will be another adventure cruising the streets of Roma. I'll do a follow up these evening. 
On board heading to Germany


     After posting the above blog we headed out for breakfast. We simply walked out of the court yard turned left and the very next building we discovered a small snack shop that had been closed the previous days. Each getting some type of sandwich we discuss what we would do for the 30 minutes between checking out and getting picked up. Our decision was made simple after tasting the sandwich. We decided to come back to the snack shop and wait out the 30 minutes.  So after getting our bags we returned and Aaron and I got another sandwich. Aaron got what Sara had gotten earlier and I got what Aaron ordered during the first round. 
Snack Shop
Snack Shop
     The van arrived and off to the airport. This driver took us on country road instead of downtown. Once at the airport we checked the bags and through security. Like the past security checks Pam had her bag checked. She must have one of those looks. While her bag was being checked I stepped around the corner to put my computer back in the bag and shoes on. Pam was still holding my belt while they checked her bag. Then I realized I couldn't find my phone. Searching all my pockets I still couldn't find the phone. I yell back at Pam to see if she had picked it up with my belt. When she said no, I continued the search. Aaron went back to the security line and asked the guard if they had found a phone. About that time I looked in my computer bag where I had put my computer and there I found the phone. In the craziness of going through the line I put the phone in with my computer. 
Flight Path
     From there we simply sat and waited for the plane to arrive. With these cheap flights there is no order of boarding, so folks start to line up about an hour before boarding. We got in line and waited. Once the plane landed they started to check our papers and we headed outside to wait. From there we walked to the plane and boarded. Took about an hour and 50 minutes to land in Germany.
    From Frankfurt-Hahn, Germany to Aaron and Sara's home was another hour and 15 minutes. Sara and Aaron prepared dinner, a little Friends on DVD and then off to bed. 

Ad on Plane

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