Sunday, December 25, 2016

Day 7 - Dec. 25th Part 1

We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Here in Rome the temperature today will be approaching 57 degrees so no snow for Santa to land his sled. Watching the weather back home we hope everyone is safe from the storms.

After returning to our apartment Christmas Eve Aaron and Sara decided to walk to the Colosseum to see it at night. We had hoped to take a tour at night but they only do the night tours in the caves below in the summer. Pam and I stayed in the room and gave our legs a little break. Once they returned we headed out for supper but this time we went just next door. There was an American couple just finishing up their meal and after we started ours another American couple arrived who turned out to be from Florida. The lady who owned the place was hosting a family meal with a huge table sitting. About the time we left the family started to arrive and was the fist time we saw first hand the Italian greeting of kissing both cheeks. 

Pam playing with her food
sending smoke signals

Speaking of first, I forgot to mention yesterday on our bus ride back to our last stop we had just completed a round about and a police car (Polizia) had been coming down a side street towards the round about. Just as ww passed "BANG". When we turned around we saw the Polizia car and another had hit almost head on. No one appeared hurt but it was the first crash we've seen since arriving in Italy. This is amazing that we've only seen one the way people drive. 

After dinner we all returned to our apartment. Sara  crashed and soon after so did Pam. Aaron and I watched NFL football on the computer. I had gotten 5 free days to NFL Game Pass to watch the Chiefs tonight or should I say Monday morning at 2:30 a.m. Aaron called it quits at 10 and after Miami kicked their winning field goal in overtime I headed off to bed. 

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