Sunday, December 25, 2016

Day 7 - Christmas Day Part 2

Stairs to Heaven (or Hell)
Spaghetti Bolognese
We just got back from our walk starting at around 9 a.m. It's now just about 3 p.m. We walked over 6 miles. Lucky I'm doing this blog for my World Geography class otherwise you be reading some naughty Italian words right now. OH MY GOD! Understand that's not 6 miles of flat land. That's up and down hills. That's climbing 124 steps at once (thanks Aaron). Then turning around climbing down only to climb up another hill with smaller steps stretched out over a little distances. 

Today turned out to be shopping day. I can't tell you what we purchased because some of the family are reading and don't want to ruin t

he surprise. I will say I was able to get an item purchased for Pam that was 45 Euro's down to 38.00. Not the best but then there is Pam's purchase of 15 Euro's from 27 Euro's. The only difference was she made the street vendor very upset in the process.

After Stairs of Heaven we did this
Speaking of street vendors. If you come to Rome be prepared to be stopped about every 25 feet asking if you want to buy a selfie stick, battery charger for your phone, scarves (from India) and various other items. Then there is walking past restraunts and having the person outside try to convince you to step inside for a meal. 

View from the Top of Stairs of Heaven
Places we saw today included: Pantheon, Stairway to Heaven, Palatine Hill,  Imperial Forum, Alter of the Father Land, Piazza Campidoglio,  and Palazzo Chigi. We ate in the court yard area around the Pantheon. Wasn't our best meal and for Sara I think it was the worse. From there we stopped at a store with FREE Tasting. You'll just have to guess what was free to taste. I will say we walked out with three bottles for home. From there we stopped and watch a number of street artists. Several who used spray cans to paint landscaping and two who painted names with colorful images. Then about 2 pm it was like someone said "Lunch" because all the artist packed up and quit for the day. 
Sara Backpack

From there we started our walk back. I felt sorry for Sara, the last few days Aaron carried the backpack so today Sara declared she would do it. There were couple of differences. One we weren't getting off and on a bus and two we did a lot more shopping. I'm sure Aaron will give her a back rub tonight when we settle in. 

We are now resting but still have Christmas dinner out yet. For the pictures of today click here (this another Google Doc folder shared with the public - I will continue to add photos from Christmas Day here.)

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