Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Last post before leaving for the airport. In the closing week before our departure we have purchased an additional suit case. Contacted a lawyer to create a living will, will and power of attorney. We've also contacted our business advisor and outlined what happens with the investments should something happen. We printed off all of our flight information. I know all exciting stuff. 

Few additional items that have occurred during the week:
  • We learned that while in Europe you can't use normal debt cards. You can only use cards with the special chip.

  • Did some research on the plane we will travel on crossing the Atlantic.  It will be a Delta 767. Our seats are located on the right hand side over the wing while flying over to Europe and on the left side over the wing coming back. 

  • We did look at upgrading our seats but ran into a few challenges. The cost is about 100.00 a seat. Why upgrade? Our daughter upgraded when she traveled to England and said the leg room was well worth it. But the challenge is there are no 2 seats together. So we decided to wait until check in to see what might be available. 
  • While at a meeting at Washburn University this week I met a lady who shared that while she was in Rome a year ago. That she was robbed four times. She shared how to go about hiding ones money while walking around and strongly encouraged me to lock any valuables in the hotel safe before leaving the hotel. 
  • One of my U.S. History students is a foreign exchange student from Germany. When I told her I was going to Germany and where I would be staying she lite up. You could tell she's missing home. 
I'll take some photos of the suitcase and clothes when I finish packing on Saturday. I do this to show my World Geography students that need to plan what to take when you take a trip. Hopefully, this will help them on their future project "Around the World".

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