Friday, December 30, 2016

Day 12 - Last Full Day in German (Evening)

     Sara and Pam watched Army Wives, Aaron played on his computer and I graded a few more finals. About 5 p.m. we headed out for supper. We ended up in the same location of our first Christmas Festival. They actual have a New Year's Festival going on now just not as big. After parking in the garage below ground we started following Sara's GPS on her phone. We knew we were in a little trouble after walking couple of blocks and finding ourselves back near the spot where we started. Regrouping we found our way to Brauhaus only to discover the non-smoking section was full with a number of reservations yet to arrive. We took a peak at the smoking side but decided to pass. About a block away we found the oldest building in town. The place was called Spinnradl. They position us in a corner and handed us a menu mostly in German with the last page in English. Well mainly in English. To make sure what we were getting the cell phone came out and we Google a few names. 
     The food came very quickly and Aaron shared a piece from his plate. The reason I tell you that, is shortly after cutting into the meat we learned that the plate Aaron received belong to another table. They took his first plate and returned with what he actual ordered (the plates clearly looked different). That's what can happen when you don't really know what your ordering.  I ordered Flammakueche which is a very tin pizza crust with no sauce. 
     Following in the footsteps of Italy we set off to find Gelato. My goal was to order some German Spaghettieis. Didn't take long before we found a nice little place where all four of us ordered some form of ice-cream. Spaghettieis looks just like spaghetti (see photo). Once we all completed our dessert off into the fog we went. We had to use the parking ticket to open the doors to the parking garage. Then at the bottom of the steps Aaron put the card into a machine which told us what we owed. Once we paid it gave us another ticket that was used to open the gate to let us out.
     Our trip is coming to an end. Pam and I had a great time exploring Germany and Rome but the best part of the trip was spending time with our son and daughter in-law. We got to hear and see how they are living an Army life here in German. So proud of both of them. Getting married and moving across the pond to start their life. I recall getting married and moving to Washington, Ks which was four hours away from family and how difficult that was.  I can't imagination what it was like to move so far away from your parents and friends. But they have really done a great job. Nice home, purchased two vehicles, navigate the Germany roads daily, Sara found a very successful job with the federal government (she actual out ranks Aaron). They've clearly settled in and have a great start to their marriage with another year and half to go before their next venture.
    It's now 7:48 p.m. here and its time for some more t.v. (Friends on DVD). This will be my last entry as we leave early in the morning. Pam and I will hang out in Frankfurt for a few hours, then an 8 hour flight back to the states. Unfortunately, we have a 7 hour lay over in Atlanta, then off to good ole Kansas. According to the flight we are suppose to land in KCI at 11:57 p.m. (3 minutes until the new year). I expect it will be after since no flight has been on time so far. 
    So this maybe my last entry unless I write something from the comfort of my own home. For those of you who have suffered through my writing I hope you've enjoyed the trip as much as we have.


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  1. So happy you experienced Spaghetti Eis!! I saw spetzi on one of the plates with what looks like roast, which was always a favorite of.mine, along with schnitzel.