Friday, December 23, 2016

Day 5 - Dec. 23rd

I haven't given any of the past days a theme but I have one for today. OVER - OVER WHELMED! From the time we left our little court yard the images just overwhelmed you. Then we made the Vatican City Museum. I could of took photos non-stop and not even came close to the great pieces of history and art. I'm posting couple of photos but if you want to see all the crazy snap shots of today. Click this link. (This is only a small portion of my photos - I will continue to add as the WIFI allows me.)
Not sure of name

Left the court yard at about 8:15 a.m following Aaron's leadership. Turn right out of the court yard and up the hill to the first corner. Turned right and went up even a deeper hill. After a long block turned right once more and went up another hill. We arrived at our bus stop. Sara had purchased on and off bus passes (which I highly recommend). After a short while we learned we were at the wrong bus stop. So we cross the street and walked behind our first monument. Down the hill to our bus stop. (When we returned for the day we learned walking straight for block and half was our court yard. No hills!) The picture to the left is the Church (sorry didn't get name) that we had to walk around. 

The bus was a double decker and we went right to the top even though it was still cold outside. Took a ton of pictures on our way to the Vatican. Again check out that link for more.

From the bus stop we walked across a bridge up to the front of the Vatican. Waited for our tour and at 11:00 a.m. the tour took us around the Vatican to the back. I lost track how many blocks we had to walk. All I know is by the time we left the Vatian Museum Pam said her step counter was over 7,000.

#11 IL Buono, IL Bruitto E IL Cattivo
Smoked Ham, Rockett Salda, Tomino Chees,
and Truffle Oil
Aaron had heard about this sandwich shop that sold sandwiches named after movies. Another Mile and half later we sat down for lunch.  (See photo). Along the way I tried to buy a hat. They told me 45.00 I said 15.00 got him down to 25.00 so we walked. 

Rigatoni alla amatriciana
Rigatoni with sheep cheese, tomato sauce & bacon
After returning to the bed and breakfast (apartment). We took about a 30 minute break then off for supper. Aaron and Sara said they had picked so it was Pam and my turn. Has we walked outside the court yard Pam said right. We walked about two blocks crossing the road. Came across a small restaurant where their sales person was outside recruiting. After checking out the menu board we decided to go inside. The gentlemen from outside went in and seated us. We both order still water which came in a fancy bottle. Aaron got a beer and Sara her wine. Pam and I stuck with the water. The meal turned out to be the best of the trip so far. After the meal we returned home well Pam and I did. Aaron and Sara headed out for some Gelato.

What I learned while being in Italy

If your planning a trip to Rome and plan on driving let me give you a few pieces of advice.
  1. Don't do it! I've driven the road from Dallas to San Antonio. I've even driven in New York City. Nothing compares and I mean nothing.
  2. Traffic - Everywhere 
  3. If your not going to listen to my first piece of advice then here's another. If you have to get behind the wheel while in Rome - Go and I mean just go! Don't wait for other cars to let you in - just force your way in. Keep your arms in because someone on a motor scooter will soon be passing you by. Don't assume that because your by the curb that it won't happen either.
There are a ton of narrow roads running through Rome. Most of them have small stores on the bottom floor with apartments on top. Look for a super mart not just a mini mart. The mini marts are more expense and as the title states, not a lot to choose from. You can also find a place to eat on almost every block. 

Below find just a very few photos of our day in the Vatican

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  1. I can not tell you how often I thought of you during our 7 1/2 years of living in Germany (Bamberg), because you inspired my love of history and well as you know it's literally in every step that you take in Europe!
    I truly laughed out loud about driving in Rome. We never made it to Rome, we went to Venice and Pisa and surrounding towns and beaches. (Venice we went over Martin Luther King weekend in 2008, over the 4 day weekend) and I took our at the time 3 kids down to Pisa area to go to the beach for a week, during the last month of Chad's 14 month deployment, to help us get through that last month (it worked...a week on a beach and the beauty of Italy can make everything better!!)
    Italians are CRAZY drivers. They weren't bad over by Venice, we actually stayed on post in Vecinia, and took the train down to Venice (just a quick 30-45 minute train ride since we took the fast train).
    When I drove down to Pisa, I got a small taste of the insanity that is Italian drivers! We were warned though to not drive to Rome. Our plan had been to drive to Pisa and then take the train to Rome, but life happened, Chad was injured and Rome was cancelled.