Saturday, December 17, 2016

Departure for KCI. 

Had to change our plans due to the cold and poor weather. Instead of having our daughter (Jessica) drop us off at the hotel. We choose to drive the truck into Kansas City. To avoid parking and give our daughter a chance to get the truck back, we asked a friend of ours Brian Shore (lives in KC)  to ride along with us to the Hotel. He then took the truck back to his house where our daughter could pick it up later this week.

Temperature outside is 11 degrees with a forecast of -20 wind chill when we depart Sunday. Since we had some time today before arriving at the hotel, we decided on lunch at Famous Davies.

My meal was a two meat combo

Pam's was burnt ends

While traveling into KC our daughter in-law (Sara) texted Pam to let us know she noticed a change in our flight plans.  Instead of flying out at 7 a.m Sunday ,we are now leaving at 5:45 a.m. Which means leaving the Hotel by 4:30 a.m. Already pushing the sleep. 

We a course arrive earlier in Atlanta and it adds to our lay over. But we also learned that our flight from Atlanta to Germany has a later departure time. Instead of 5:30 we now leave at 5:56 and arrive 25 minutes later on Monday. Now arriving at 8:30 a.m. Frankfurt, Germany.  Pam called to confirm all of this only to hear on the phone that there was a two hour wait. I guess we should just be happy that our flights are still on time. 

While walking to the elevator in the Hotel we ran into a friend (Mary Ann Riederer) from Holton, Ks. They had come in earlier to beat the weather because they are catching a flight to Miami. There son pays college football and has a bowl game this week. Small world!

I'm updating this blog while sitting in the hotel room. It's 4 pm so within 12 hours we will be up and heading east. 

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