Monday, December 19, 2016

Day One (Monday - Dec. 19th)

Sunday 18th

We started our trip by getting up at 3:30 a.m. in KCMO.  We then caught the shuttle from the Hotel to the Airport at 4:30 a.m. Arriving at the airport we discovered the world of crazy. Due to flights being canceled the day before, we found a line that was over block long! Our problem was our flight was leaving at 5:46 a.m. and had no time to wait that long. After some problems getting our boarding passes  from the machines(gave up) we stepped into a special line heading to Salt Lake because it was much shorter. They have formed the line because the flight was leaving at 5:30 a.m. When we reached the counter the lady told us she could not help us without our boarding passes. So she took our bags and instructed us to return to the machines. After a third attempt the boarding passes came out. We returned to the counter and got the bags checked in.

We had to stand in another long line for gate entry. A man came along and offered people to get in a shorter line if their flight was leaving soon. We stepped out and he checked our boarding passes. He instructed us to get back in the line because we were not boarding until 6:30. Looking at the boarding passes we learned that our flight had been moved back to 7:05 as originally scheduled. There was a flight to Atlanta at 5:46 but appeared they had moved us back to 7:05 due to the large crowd. We went ahead and checked in and sat. While we were suppose to board before 7 a.m. and fly out at 7:05 we instead sat until 9:05 due to no plane arriving at KCI. Finally the plane arrived and we boarded. The plane departed at 9:30 and arrived in Atlanta at 11:15 a.m. there time (lost an hour).

A little exploring of the airport we discovered a Buffalo Wild Wings and sat down to watch the Chiefs host Tennessee. Had lunch and for you Chiefs fans, saw a disasterous ending. From there we headed off to the International section of the Airport where we sat for about an hour.

We boarded the 767-400 jet. Pam had upgraded our tickets to business class and in doing so split us for the 8 hour flight. She got the front row seat with a lot of leg room and window seat. Myself, I was three rows back in the middle but at least on the outside. She slept most of the way over however, I tried and tried but with no luck. So I watched three movies (I.T., Suicide Squad and Ghostbusters). Got up twice to just walk up and down and stretch the legs. During the flight they had free drinks including wine and beer. But I had 7-up and water. We also were served a meal. I've flown often but never long enough to be served a meal. Wanted to take a photo but my phone was stuck down in the front seat and couldn't reach it. The meal comes in small little containers on a tray. Salad, chicken and rice, shrimp, cheese, a roll and fudge. We also were served breakfast an hour from Frankfurt. Which was a piece of cheese, yogurt  juice and a roll. 

Arriving at the airport we had to walk a bit to go through customs. Once through a long line we picked up our luggage and met Aaron and Sara near the entrance. After a few hugs we jumped into the van and were off to see Germany.

It didn't take long before the different world surfaced. Let me just listed a few items.
  • The car we were in would shut off at lights or anytime the brake was pushed and held down for a moment. Once you depress the break it starts and off you go. I learned this was common in German cars to save fuel. 
  • Had to learn the new signs. 
Means NO set speed - Go as fast as you want! I believe our top speed was 110 mph.
Means RECOMMENDED speed of 60 Km/hr. But you can go as fast as you like.
  • Paid bathroom in public. Yes, if you want to go to bathroom in public you have to pay. (photo under day two)
  • When you order water it's not normal water. It comes with "gas" or carbonated water.  It taste like flat water. 
We arrived at Aaron and Sara's home to drop off the luggage. After checking out the place we left to get passes to Air Force base at Ramstein, so Pam and I could get into the military bases in Germany. Photos below are of the village around their home.

Once on the base we did a little shopping and had our first German meal for lunch.

Your looking at Crispy Schweinebraten. Comes with mash potato balls and red cabbage.

After shopping at the base we left to a near by town called  Kaiserslautern where we went to a large mall. After shopping the mall we went outside to attended a Christmas Festival. Music, food and beer was seen everywhere. 

I should note that getting up at 3:30 a.m. Sunday I did not get to sleep until Monday night German time 7 p.m. or noon Monday back home. So trust me I was a little tired. After sleeping 12 hours we are up and ready to go for day two. Our plan is to take a 5 hour drive to Hamburg, Germany and spend the night. So more to come!

Addition to Day One

After visiting the festival, we decided to stop at McDonalds. Yes, you heard right McDonalds. I was told there wouldn’t be a Big Mac. Who ever told me was wrong. However, besides the beef tasting more like soy bean, there is no drink that comes with the meal deals. I ordered the 10 on the meal and took a bit before the lady who did not speak English figured out what I wanted. Then I asked for a sweet tea. That didn’t turn out very well. First, they don’t have sweet tea. Second, what they give you is a cup of hot water and a bag of tea.

From there we returned back home where Pam and I crashed.

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  1. This has made me homesick for Germany!! So glad you and Pam are getting to experience this beautiful country!