Sunday, December 25, 2016

Day 7 - Christmas Day Part 3

Fancy Setting
    Yes, this is part 3. Thought I was done for today but with the evening experience thought I would share. Last night as we walked to our apartment we spoke with a young man outside of a restaurant about whether they were open Christmas Day. He said sure he works all the time. I gave him a hard time and told him his boss needs to give him some time off.  Well we thought it would be nice to go back there tonight for our Christmas evening meal. 
Fettuccine Sea Food
     Walking up to the table one would think this is a fancy place. We sit down and they give us these plastic covered menu with numbers on them. Pam orders her second pizza, Sara ordered Ravioli with minced meat, Aaron ordered Fettuccine with sea food and I ordered Risotto with sea food. Well let's say we struck out for Christmas Dinner. Sara's was ok and Pam's pizza turned out ok. My Risotto was good but for sea food all I found was shells of crab and one large shrimp head (no tail). Aaron's food tasted sandy at spots. He tried and finished most but was not happy with the meal.  So we decided to see if we could find a sandwich place so Aaron could have something else. Along the way we checked out couple of spots but most of the places were closed by now. We ended up going back to our favorite restaurant so far, Benso for "Take Away".  You don't get "carry out" here in Italy or Germany, you get "take away". Aaron ordered what I had the other night and Sara got her a salad. 
Glass of ice
     While they waited, Pam and I headed up to a sandwich shop/Gelato. Pam ordered hers and asked about getting a cone. The gentlemen said, "no-no, go sit." After repeating that several times we agreed and sat down. Along the way I picked out a Sprite which he took from me and repeated again, "sit, sit". Shortly he showed up with two very nice bowls of ice cream and for the first time since we started this trip a glass of ice! Again, if you have never traveled in Europe they don't serve ice with your drinks. I have seen one person with a bowl of ice on his table as we walked by spooning his ice into his glass. I assumed he must of ordered it on the side. 
Sara & Aaron 2nd Christmas Dinner 
     About the time we were ready to leave and pay Aaron and Sara showed up outside. Pam and I encouraged them to come inside. Sara loves gelato so we told them both to pick something out. Sara asked for a cone and the gentlemen actually reached for a cone when we said, no, get them what you got us. So we sat down and waited for their two dishes of gelato to show up. When they did we sat and visited. During our discussion we talked about the Halloween decorations on the wall and the Caribbean music being played on their sound system. When done they all headed out of the door and I went to pay. Let me just say, don't buy Gelato late on Christmas Day. Total cost 71.00 Euro's. Each dish of Gelato was 13.00 Euro's. I had a Sprite and had grabbed one to take back to the apartment each costing 5.00 Euro's and a big bottle of water 9.00 Euro's. I said wait and Pam who was near by said "NO WAY". But I did the math and paid the bill. 
     This was the second time we felt over charged for what we purchased. We had a great lunch yesterday but the cost for four of us was 110 Euro's. Understand most meals are 10 to 15 Euro's a person so it's common to spent 50 to 60 Euro's a meal but 110 was a little high even though we got few added items.
     Now, we are back in the apartment for the evening. All sitting on the big bed watching "Designated Survivor" on Netflix. Our television hasn't worked since day one so between my computer and Pam's iPad we've watch a few Netflix shows.
     Not sure what we will do Monday. Think we've seen everything we wanted to see so only time will tell. 

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  1. 110 euros is insane, but 71 euros for gelato & drinks is robbery!